Automating Handbrake Video Conversions using a Windows Service

I have an HP Microserver onto which I’ve loaded copies of all my DVD and BluRay discs using the brilliant MakeMKV. This allows us to easily play anything in our library through XBMC on home-theatre PCs in either our living room or in the den area of the kitchen. While the 1080p/TrueHD files that MakeMKV creates are great for home use, they can be a bit cumbersome when copied to a tablet or mobile, not to mention large enough to chew up the limited storage available.

Handbrake allows me to convert these movies into smaller, more lightweight versions (720p with stereo audio) which play much more happily on mobile devices. Because the conversion process can take a long time, I wanted a way of setting it up once and forgetting about it, so I wrote a Windows Service to automate Handbrake conversions.
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