Using the Integration Hub to submit Gift Aid claims

The Integration Hub is a set of .NET components I have developed to facilitate communication between two or more systems, built around the concept of Activities. An Activity involves extracting data from a Source, converting it into a format or formats understood by one or more Destinations, sending the converted data to those Destinations, converting back the responses, and finally updating the Source if required.

The Integration Hub defines a framework for:

  • Creating re-usable plugins which understand how to communicate with specific Sources and/or Destinations
  • Converting between data formats using XSLT
  • Logging and Tracing to screen, files, event logs, email or custom providers
  • Triggering Activities via an executable (manual or scheduled), desktop application or a Windows Service

I have teamed up with Datech to offer a solution for submitting Gift Aid claims to HMRC, built on the Integration Hub. Continue reading