Changing the Options in a Dynamics CRM OptionSet (Picklist) programmatically, using the SDK

I recently needed to make a deployment routine remove unwanted options from out-of-the-box Option Sets (Picklists) like Campaign > Campaign Type and Contact > Preferred Contact Method. I needed to do this because even if you remove them on a Dev environment, they are not deleted when a solution is imported into a Test or Production environment.
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Set the Locale of a Dynamics CRM Organization and all users

The default locale of Dynamics CRM is of course English (United States) so one of the first things those of us in the rest of the world need to do when provisioning a new Organization (I know, with a ‘z’) or CRM Online instance is to change this.

Using the SDK this is very easy, and it’s also possible to change the locale of every user at the same time, very helpful if you’ve just imported 500 users then sighed when you noticed wrong-way-round dates.

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Managing Web Forms within Dynamics CRM

It’s a common requirement to capture data on a website through web forms, and use that data within Dynamics CRM, for example to create or update records, or set off workflows. A recent project, to process applications for grants using Dynamics CRM Online, included the requirement to be able to alter and modify the web-facing forms each time a new grant scheme was launched. This project allowed me to implement something which I have been thinking about since first working with CRM: a completely generic integration solution, allowing complete control over website forms, and how they are processed, from within CRM itself.
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